Adult tricycles – A boon to humans

Today, with the help of technological advancement in every possible field, man has reached up to great heights. Science has eased our life a lot and has helped humans progress in every possible manner. This advancement applies in the field of motor tricycles and tricycles also. Once, there was a time when people used to walk from one place to another or else used to hire public transport for longer distances. There were only diesel and petrol vehicles available in the market and that too were quite expensive which indicated that only a certain class of people could afford such speedy vehicles.

But now time has changed a lot. Today with the phenomenal and rapid advancement of science in every sphere of life, man has eased his stressful life so as to live peacefully. The days have gone when only rich were able to buy a car or tricycle for themselves. Now-a-days cars and tricycles are no more a luxury or a want. It is a need. It is now essential for every man to own one. Science and technology solved this mechanical issue but economical issue, we still need to solve. As petrol turned out to get expensive day by day, man was disappointed and disturbed. If one was able to buy a vehicle, then also his problem was not solved as he still had to spend money for refilling his vehicle with petrol. Thus, it gave birth to new progression which was electric tricycles or commonly called tricycles.

Tricycle first came into existence during 1890s. Adult tricycles are basically tricycles with electric motor fitted in it. The small motor helps to increase the rider’s pedal power. Some of its features in comparison with gasoline vehicles are:

Adult tricycles - A boon to humans

  1. They are fuel free and energy efficient vehicles.
  2. They have two wheels like a normal tricycle but have fast speed as compared to a tricycle.
  3. Though tricycles are somewhat expensive in comparison to traditional ones but are long lasting and durable if properly taken care of.
  4. They save money as well as time as compared to vehicles run by petrol.
  5. It has been technically proven that the speed of a tricycle is much faster and better as compared to others with great millage in addition.
  6. There is no hard and fast maintenance required in these user-friendly tricycles. It is just the motor and its battery which needs to be taken care of and it can be replaced also once its warranty expires. But easy maintenance is not possible in gasoline vehicles.
  7. One major feature of electric tricycles is that these are noiseless vehicles, that is, they do not create noise pollution in the environment thereby giving a positive vibe to its customers.
  8. Tricycles are also pollution free. They do not emit smoke or gases from them as compared to latter one.