Social Media


Instagram is an essential social network as soon as you seek to develop your company’s social media strategy. Discover Instagram Revolution, the complete training to thrive on Instagram START Now, It is one of the most influential social networks on the market, and there are plenty of good reasons to use it for your business. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs do not often turn to this social network and prefer Facebook or Twitter. However, the return on investment in many industries and niches is much more interesting on Instagram. Find out how this popular social network can help you grow your business and increase your turnover.

Significant advertising opportunities

Other advantages of using Instagram  Widgets for Websites  are its Instagram Ads advertising network, which it shares with Facebook. In certain areas such as ready-to-wear, it is very easy to promote your products thanks to certain particularly well-suited formats such as the image carousel, for example. It is generally an advertising network for companies working on B to C products. Instagram advertising is often less relevant for companies targeting the B to B service market unless you show a good deal of originality

Instagram communication for your business: creativity at your service

The interest of the visual is that it allows almost unlimited creativity. You’re spoiled for choice of format, how you’re going to work on it, and how you’re going to stage it. You can show your products as well as their creation, your business, their use. Everything is imaginable and available at will. The only limit is, therefore, your creativity and perhaps also editorial consistency! If you lack inspiration, you will find excellent guides for creating relevant and aesthetic Instagram stories.

User-Generated Content at the top

Do you have a strong community? Use it to make them create Content for you. User-generated Content is the spontaneous creation of Content about your company or brand by its users. For example, you sell a watch, some of your users who love your product will take a picture of themselves and quote you in their hashtag. This gives you the opportunity to show your brand much more. You can amplify this phenomenon through contests offering to take a photo and identify your products. Everything is possible to push the user to develop your notoriety.

An open API that increases your possibilities tenfold

Instagram has an open API that will give you the opportunity to create features that can increase your ability to use this medium effectively. Many applications already exist on the market, and you can find something for everyone: integration on other platforms, in-depth statistics, formatting your visuals.