SEO FUNCTIONS – A Comprehensive Guide

The many functions of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are slowly sinking into the minds of all businesses internationally, particularly the smaller outfits. Once thought to be exorbitantly costly, online companies like EPIC are providing training and consultancy on how to make SEO dirt-cheap or even free for those who need to use Google SEO service, but can’t afford it. But to be able to use SEO effectively, Users must first know what is SEO?


Google, who pioneered SE as well as its Optimization later, has developed several aspects, as follows:

  • The Website has a number of pages or posts. To keep tabs on the Traffic, KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) are used to keep track on the performance of content, which are tagged by the Keywords.
  • The easier the Keywords and the attached content, the better is the ranking.
  • The Overall Optimization is often more suitable for websites with many products. For this service, the User must check out the Keyword Tables.
  • AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Entering and following the AIDA funnel means the ease with which business owners can communicate with the customers.

  • Keywords are the keys by which rankings can be improved, in order starmark brands and increase sales rapidly for a business.
  • There are also localities where specific products are preferred. These are keyworded for ease of search. Keywords often indicate the locality in the suffixes or prefixes. One example for this is the use of the word “Daklak” to indicate a specific area in Vietnam. This earmarks products that are meant for particular geographical areas, disciplines, or uses.
  • Google Image is also on the lookout for the best Imaging, and there is a Search for optimizing these Images which are meant for Branding and Sales Drives.
  • The Facebook has a special link and page for easy use by short-term Users, called the Fanpage. This automatically optimizes the input into Keywords. However, this is most effective for Local Keywords and easy keywords.


The above provides a brief review and understanding of what is SEO, in terms of practices of usage.